Speaking Engagements

There’s an ineffable sameness to the corporate speakers on the circuit today. Shiny suits and clever stories, books and tapes to sell. That’s not to say that there isn’t a germ of inspiration contained within perhaps, but sometimes it gets lost in the packaging.

Nigel Fann isn’t like that. Nigel is a wholly genuine man with an expansive worldview – he has the passport stamps to prove it. Born and raised in South Africa, skills honed in Dubai, Nigel has travelled the world and found that, though the languages and cultures may be different , the people underneath are pretty much the same. Thus Nigel has learned through experience what drives people, what motivates them to excel, what is truly fundamental to excellence regardless of culture. He delivers this wisdom in a charming and unassuming way that creates an accessibility that is universal. He also has a soothing accent!

Of course, charming accents and smooth delivery are only part of the package. His accessibility is supported by a framework of firsthand knowledge of how to work within companies large and small to get things done. Nigel has sold to the poor farmer, the middle management fella at the local Fortune 1000 and to Arab CEO’s that rule what once might have been considered an empire. It’s one thing to talk about it – it’s another thing entirely to have done it for a living for 40 years. Nigel has.

Should you want an engaging knowledgeable speaker – the kind of person that people leave the venue saying “that guy was great!” – then please give us a call or send us an email to cs@sunlearningsystems.com

You’ll be very pleased you did.