Professional Sales Management

  • Techniques
  • Numbers
  • Targets

Charge your sales team with Dynamite!

Make sure that they are using the right techniques by implementing your coaching and motivating skills.

If selling is a numbers game, do you like the kind of numbers you are getting? Do you know what your numbers are and what they should be?

Who are your targets? Are you targeting the right customers with the right techniques and with the right numbers?

Is Sales Management causing you frustration? Do you recognize any of these?

  • Frequent staff turnover
  • Stop / Start performance
  • Salespeople who give away your profits instead of selling added value
  • Uncooperative salespeople with thinly veiled contempt for you, your product and the customer
  • A sales team that refuses to take responsibility for their own actions
  • Difficulty in setting and achieving your sales goals
  • Sales that continuously fluctuate
  • Difficulty in recognizing potential performance problems
  • Stress and pressure from not making sales targets


  • Managing and motivating sales teams
  • Long term planning
  • The sales pipeline concept and how to manage it
  • Managing change
  • The sales person’s motivation and attitudes
  • Sales Forecasting and Target Setting
  • Facets of leadership (leadership styles)
  • Testing the effectiveness of different leadership methods
  • Development interviews
  • Leadership in the field
  • Counseling
  • Building teamwork

Learning Objectives

Delegates will be able to:

  • Have the ability to manage and motivate a sales team
  • Establish the strengths and weaknesses of a sales team
  • Measure and improve the main factors influencing the sales result
  • Plan ahead and build a strong customer base
  • Manage positive change in a sales organization
  • Adapt one’s own leadership style for more effective leadership

The workshop runs over two days (for maximum effectiveness this program should be run in conjunction with the Leadership Development Program).