Presentation Skills

One of the most highly paid skills in the world is the ability to think and to speak “on your feet” – it is also, sadly, one of the rarest skill possessed by today’s executives. Learn how to speak persuasively and confidently and you will command not only the respect, but also the envy of your peers and customers.

Learning Objectives

Delegates will be able to:

  • Speak confidently and persuasively on their feet


  • Presenting with confidence
  • Clearly Identifying Objectives
  • Audience Assessment and Contact
  • Determining Key Ideas / Concepts
  • Developing Support Information
  • Structure: Developing Good Introductions and Conclusions
  • Structure: Content, Use of Signposts and Pointers
  • Planning and Developing Visual Aids
  • Use of Audio-visual Equipment and Tools
  • Developing and Using Notes and Memory Aids
  • Rehearsal
  • Control of Nerves, Confidence and Enthusiasm Posture and Voice
  • Timing, Movement and Gestures
  • Answering Questions Results and Analysis

The workshop runs over two days – maximum of six delegates.

Learning Method
Learning is facilitated through exercises and live presentations with video/feedback throughout the program.