Nigel Fann — CEO and Founder

Nigel Fann

Nigel has been involved in sales and customer service and management training for the past twenty years. During this time he has developed an in-depth understanding of what works and what does not work, especially when it comes to training sales people.

His first efforts at training were for his own staff at an animal feed manufacturing company in South Africa. He had a sales force of about ninety people who had a good technical knowledge of the products but few interpersonal or sales skills. When he could not find a suitable training company to do the work, he set about learning the business of training and doing it himself.

In 1987 Nigel joined a training consultancy with the understanding that if he was to have a positive effect on the sales people that he trained, he had to first understand their business. While the techniques and skills generally remain the same it is “understanding the business” that allows one to get into the peoples minds and convince them that the techniques will work for them.

Over the next few years he worked with many organizations and those that allowed him to first get to know their business, generally had success and those that did not, got a fleeting “feel good” sensation. Two of the successes were with the Premier Milling Group, a large milling company and SA Vision Care, the local distributor of Bausch and Lomb optical products.

In 1996, the Professional Sales Association of South Africa recognized Nigel for his contribution to the development of sales people. Nigel has a very good grasp of business in the Gulf and Middle East and has the ability to adapt to the different cultures and people in the region. United Arab Shipping Company with headquarters in Kuwait and branches throughout the Gulf – London, Singapore and New Jersey, has chosen Nigel to design and implement a certification program for their staff in sales and customer service over a period of one year. This program has now been extended to include all branch managers and sales managers.

Nigel holds a BBA in Human Resource Development and an MBA in Sales and Marketing.