Motivation & Teambuilding

Motivation can be defined as “the willingness to perform.” This does not mean that if your staffs become motivated that they achieve superhuman feats, or double their sales turnover overnight. Long-term motivation is the responsibility of the leaders within the organization. They need to create an environment that encourages this willingness to perform. We can “sow the seeds”- and give your management the tools to nurture and help them grow.

Please contact us for an analysis of your motivational needs and we will tailor a specific motivational program to meet those needs.

Below is an example of a high impact motivational workshop entitled “The Power of Confidence.”

The Power of Confidence

Learning Objectives
To provide the groundwork for a highly motivated and focused team.


Outline: This motivational workshop could cover five main areas – Please note that most motivational workshops are specifically designed to suit the organizations needs and it would be presumptuous for us to be dogmatic about what it should or should not cover.

  • Belief in Ourselves
    Confident salespeople are more successful. Confidence comes from within. If we can believe in ourselves and recognize what is limiting this belief we will be able to overcome it and be more successful.
  • Belief in Our Product and Company
    Added to the belief in ourselves we need to have a belief in our company and products. Without this belief we will lack confidence when we are selling.
  • Our Knowledge and Skills
    If we do not have the core selling skills and techniques this will also affect our confidence. So we need to come across as confident in the sales process. These basic core skills and techniques will give us this confidence.
  • Our Attitude
    Finally, our attitude is what keeps us going – it is what speaks louder than our words. It is the “vibe”; either negative or positive that our clients and colleagues can pick up on.
  • The single most important reason why people buy from a particular salesperson is because they trust that salesperson. We can only win trust if we have confidence and a positive attitude. Confidence and a positive attitude = Success = MOTIVATION = Confidence and a positive attitude = Success = MOTIVATION, and so on.

Duration is entirely dependent on the specific “outcomes” that the organization would like to achieve. Other factors to take into consideration would be whether it is an indoor or outdoor activity, or even a combination of both. Could we possibly incorporate a nighttime event and sleep over at a campsite or hotel. The opportunities are endless and are limited only by time and budget.

Learning Method
Learning is facilitated through activities focused at various aspects of teamwork.