Leadership Development I

This Training Program is presented by Sun Learning Systems to give those, who are responsible for managing a team of people, the knowledge and skills to achieve planned effectiveness through the co-operation and commitment of their staff.

This program is for all managers responsible for leading people.

Learning Objectives

Delegates will be able to:

  • Achieve optimum productivity from their teams
  • Use management tools and systems needed to run and build a team or department
  • Get the best from all of their people

Program Content and Structure
The structure of the Program is divided into three parts, each of a two-day duration. A window of time (1 – 3 weeks) is recommended between each part of the program. The window period is used to give the delegates an opportunity to complete tasks that are allocated on the second afternoon of each of the three parts of the program.

Part 1
Focuses on the need for a manager to manage his / her performance and time and includes topics such as: time management, objective setting and performance areas.

Part One is structured as follows:

  1. Introduction and Objectives of Part 1
    Identifying the objectives of the program and other matters relating to presentation, style and expectations of the delegates.
  2. The Role of a Manager
    An overview of the Strategic Planning Process for managers and how it relates to the structure of the training program.
  3. Self Management
    An in-depth analysis of personal work styles and work drives, issues over which procrastination occur and why. How to use techniques of time management.
  4. Performance Planning
    By individually reviewing key performance areas and the factors that affect performance achievement, participants develop clear goals and objectives and translate these into timed action plans relating both to the real workplace and the timing of the development program.
  5. Objective Setting
    The overall process of linking Result, Activity and Development objectives to ensure team goals are met. How to set such objectives, allowing for individual strengths and weaknesses. Practical role play sessions to develop skills to handle “difficult situations”.
  6. Delegation Skills
    Specific training to develop key delegation skills to improve total personal performance and productivity.
  7. Managing Meetings
    To achieve focus and concentrate on the output from meetings thus contributing to improved team performance.
  8. Personal organization
    By concentrating on issues such as desk and paper management and working with secretaries and other assistants to improve self-performance.
  9. Interim Assignment and Action Plan
    The interim assignment is a specific task relating to the contents of this first part of the program and will be reviewed and evaluated by the Managers and the Training Consultant.
  10. Summary of the Program and Individual Plan of Action
    An Individual Plan of Action is prepared by each delegate to ensure that the knowledge and skills developed during the Program are applied.