Effective Negotiating Strategies

Given the highly competitive nature of the sales profession, effective sales negotiation skills are increasingly important for success. Effective Negotiating Strategies* provides you with the keys to successful negotiations. Master the negotiation planning process to reach an optimum outcome. Learn new ways to maneuver within a negotiating environment, from pre-planning to the commitment stage. You are encouraged to bring to the course an example of a recent or future negotiating situation with a challenging customer.

Who Should Attend

  • All Professionals involved in sales negotiation

Key Course Benefits

  • Manage negotiations effectively using the powerful eight-step negotiation process
  • Uncover your clients’ real interests and objectives to reach positive negotiation outcomes
  • Apply concessions effectively in a negotiation interaction
  • Discover powerful influencing tools that lead to highly creative solutions and benefits
  • Confidently conduct a negotiation interaction utilizing the presented tactics and strategies
  • Learn when and how to close the negotiation with a signed Agreement

Course Content (2-day program)

Your Current Negotiation Issues and Challenges
Principles of Effective Negotiation

  • The negotiation style most compatible with consultative selling
  • Applying the concept of re-framing
  • How to determine the real interests of your client
  • Building lasting and beneficial relationships with your client

Influential Negotiating Strategy

  • Managing negotiations using the eight-step negotiation process
  • Exploring the elements of pre-negotiation planning process
  • Using compliance principles and influential negotiation tools
  • Learning to build an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual trust
  • Discovering keys to applying gambits and concessions

Negotiation Interaction

  • Tips for successful negotiation interactions
  • Conducting a mock negotiation session

* Provided under license from the CPSA