Custom Programs & Team Building

The large body of resources available to the Sun Learning Systems team creates some very interesting possibilities for the enrichment of your company’s employees. As you’ve seen in your research here on our site we can assess your employees, help you figure out whether or not they are suited to a particular task, help you coach them to do that task and help you sculpt the job to fit them. We can help your folks learn the basics of selling or management. We can help them write better, better deal with colleagues from different cultures and help them use the phone more effectively. We can equip them with internationally recognized certifications that will help them open doors, be more effective agents of your company and swell them with pride.

We can use any or all of those resources to provide a custom learning environment based on the well defined needs of your particular situation. Perhaps your customer service people need to brush up on their phone skills then be shown in detail how their efforts fit into the profitability of the company. Maybe your sales force needs a revamp where we assess where everyone is relative to your specific benchmarks then take those most able and give them the mental tools and skills to exceed expectations. You may have just learned that half of your executive team doesn’t know what a balance sheet is and you need to fix that. This is where Custom Programs really fill the bill.

A two-day on-site with your customer service folks that includes a Profitability Simulation over lunch might be just the thing to revive sagging morale and improve productivity. A weekend getaway at a local hotel for your sales force with break-out rooms for different career paths might be just what the doctor ordered. A camping trip where your executives take an assessment then spend some time over a business board game with appropriate food and beverage might enhance the overall level of competency on your team without embarrassing anyone directly.

The possibilities are endless – the requirements are yours. Call us to see how we can meet them.