By partnering with various respected international bodies, Sun Learning Systems has over the years built an extensive library of certified programs that are available as classroom, online programs and e-learning programs. Some are available only as classroom programs while others are only online and others are available in both formats.

Our primary certification programs are:

  • Certified Manager (classroom only)
  • Certified Professional Leader (classroom only)
  • Certified Business Leader (classroom and e-learning)
  • Certified Supervisor (Classroom only)
  • Certified Leader (Arabic) (classroom only)
  • Certified Customer Service Program (Certified Customer Server) (classroom and e-learning)
  • Certified Sales Master (classroom and e-learning)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP exam preparation workshop) (classroom and online)
  • Marketing Strategy Certification (3 levels) (online only)
  • Digital Marketing Certification (3 levels) (online only)
  • Marketing Research Certification (3 Levels) (online only)
  • E-mail Marketing Certification (3 levels) (online only)
  • ITIL Foundation (online course)
  • ITIL Intermediate CSI (online course)
  • ITIL Intermediate SO (online course)
  • Risk Management (online only)
  • Digital Marketing Course (online only)
  • Market Research Course (online only)
  • Marketing Strategy Course (online only)

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