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iilsCertified Customer Server TM

Certified Customer Server accredited by International Institute of Leadership Studies is an industry-driven and endorsed credential that help employers distinguish and recognize qualified customer service professionals, and help define career advancement opportunities for participants. By earning the professional certification in customer service, candidates can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in work areas that employer’s value and exhibit commitment to professional growth.

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Dates, Venue and Investment Information

  • Investment: $825 per delegate in 3 easy instalments – via direct depoist or PayPal
  • Course dates: May 31st, June 7th and June 14th
  • Venue: To be announced

The certification was designed to capture the core customer service duties for a broad range of entry-level through first-line supervisory positions across the sales and service industries. The credential is appropriate for anyone interested in obtaining a job or pursuing a career in retail and other industries that value customer service skills.

This course provides participants with the basic concepts and current trends in the customer service industry.  Special areas of emphasis include problem solving, development of a customer service strategy, creating customer service systems, coping with challenging customers, customer retention, and measuring satisfaction.

The Certified Customer Server will equip the participants with effective customer handling techniques and Best Practices. It is a skills-building and certification course that introduces the skills and techniques required to provide outstanding customer service and support.

Course Content

    • Introduction – What is Customer Service?
    • The Challenges of Customer Service
    • Problem Solving
    • Strategy for Formulating a Plan for Success
    • Empowerment Communications in Customer Service
    • Coping with Challenging Customers
    • Motivation
    • Leadership in Customer Service
    • Customer Retention and Measurement of Satisfaction
    • Technology and Customer Service
    • Excellence in Customer Service
    • Team Work
    • Internal Customer Service

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Define customer service.
  2. Actively express an understanding of the customer service industry.
  3. Express techniques for exceeding customers’ expectations.
  4. Actively illustrate steps toward problem solving.
  5. Discuss the relationship between strategy and empowerment in creating a culture that encourages the provision of excellent customer service.
  6. Design a new or improved customer service system.
  7. Demonstrate improved listening skills.
  8. Express an understanding of how to cope with those individuals whom they find to be challenging.
  9. Discuss the relationship between leadership and motivation in customer service.
  10. Demonstrate methods of showing leadership without position.
  11. Define customer retention and various methods of measuring customer satisfaction.
  12. Express in written and oral form their individual philosophies of customer service.

This Certified Customer Server verifies that customer service professionals are knowledgeable in the skills and techniques required to provide exceptional customer service and support in both support center and call center environments. It ensures they understand how to assess customer needs while exceeding their expectations.

How to Earn this Certification

Candidates can earn the customer service certification by Registering for our Public Certified Customer Server Program.

Companies can set-up a corporate group certification program, for their employees. For enquires and appointments Contact Us

Training Resources to Help Prepare

Mr. NigelNigel Fann – CEO and Founder                                                                  
Nigel has been involved in sales and customer service and management training for the past thirty years. During this time he has developed an in-depth understanding of what works best and what does not work, when it comes to training people.  Read More … 


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Total investment:

  • US$825 per delegate in 3 easy instalments – via direct depoist or PayPal
  • The registration Fee is US$275 and payment is debited at the time of registration.
  • 2 further instalments of $275 every fortnight.
  • If you have any questions, please email cs@sunlearningsystems.com

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