Backward Planning

Backward Planning is your key to sales success on a very solid, fundamental level. You have a target, you need a plan – you need Backward Planning. You need to know your sales ratios and how they affect you, you need to know how much more you need to do to reach your goals – you need Backward Planning. You need to know if your goals are even attainable, you need to know where in the sales process you might need some refinement – you need Backward Planning. You need more commissions for a new car, a boat or a proper vacation, you need to know how to get that – you need Backward Planning. In short … You Need Backward Planning!

What is Backward Planning? Backward Planning is a concept and a tool to help you break down your sales process into smaller, more manageable components and then use those components to guide your professional sales efforts.

How am I going to hit that target? Sales management across the globe has a persistent way of dropping big numbers in your lap. Invariably, those numbers seem huge, intimidating and often insurmountable. But they don’t have to be. The Backward Planning software gives you a simple tool to break down that target into smaller bites and helps you determine where you simply need a little better technique and where you just need more numbers.

Yeah, but how does this help me? Sales training is full of generalities but Backward Planning is all about your specific circumstances. Even casual upkeep of the data in the software will result in an accurate picture of how YOU are doing. Keeping up with it with a passion will result in the precise ratios that you’re producing and that precision will facilitate fantastic planning.

Why should I care about my ratios? You call 10 people, you see 5 of them, you present to 4 of them, you sell 1 of them. You are seeing 50% of the people you call (pretty darn good!), you’re making presentations to 80% of those you see, you sell 25% of those you present to (not so good). These numbers control your professional life. They are your ratios and in the quest for ever greater sales and income you can either do more, improve your ratios or do both. Backward Planning can help you learn which of these prescriptions will best apply to you.

Is it easy? Yes. All you have to do is fill out your data on a single page and over time you will develop a completely accurate formula for how you sell your product. If your management also uses the Backward Planning package, you’ll be able to compare your precise ratios with those of your colleagues and know unquestionably where you need a little work and where you excel.